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Nandini Deo

Elevate-Affiliated Researcher

Nandini Deo, BS, is a second-year Master of Public Health student in Social and
Behavioral Sciences at the Yale School of Public Health and an affiliated researcher at Elevate. As a member of Elevate’s qualitative evaluation team, Nandini currently conducts research on the MOMS Partnership Stress Management intervention at scaling sites in VT, DC, and KY. Nandini’s experience in research includes work focusing on air pollution reduction in the Salt Lake City valley and in infectious diseases epidemiology studying the transmission dynamics of healthcare associated infections in ICUs. Prior to Elevate, Nandini completed a 2-year fellowship focused on HIV, STI, and TB prevention with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Portland, Oregon. More recently, she worked with the Utah Department of Health to expand technology-based STI services across the State of Utah. Nandini is broadly interested in the impacts of social identity (e.g., sexuality, gender, motherhood, HIV status) on psychosocial health outcomes.