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Development of methods for the reduction of cardiovascular and diabetes risk through worksite, dietary and physical activity interventions

With post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Archana Shrestha, we are developing methodology for implementation science research for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes through environmental- and individual-level interventions. We have screened 769 employees at Dhulikhel Hospital, out of which 366 were eligible. We enrolled 313 eligible participants. Baseline data collection has been completed. We completed repeat baseline data collection 6 months after the first baseline among 287 participants. We have developed the canteen intervention based on results from our formative study and literature review. We created a cafeteria improvement committee constituted of representatives from all stakeholder groups and trained cafeteria staff on healthy eating and cooking. The cafeteria intervention has begun, which includes the addition of healthy food provision, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, the removal of unhealthy foods including high sugar beverages and foods, modification of menus to include more fruits and vegetables, information sessions to all employees, and the display of posters on the walls of cafeteria for healthy eating. We are currently preparing another manuscript the lessons learned from stakeholder engagement in a hypertension and diabetes prevention research program.