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Rebecca Gillman (HP)

Environmental law and policy intern for EarthMedic

Career Goal

Rebecca Gillman tends to her studies inside the Sterling Memorial Library.

My long-term career goal is to work in climate change law and policy in an international context. I want to gain additional knowledge in climate and environmental law and politics, and as such, I will be applying to J.D. programs in the upcoming application cycle.

Internship Outline

I served as an environmental law and policy intern for EarthMedic, an international NGO focused on improving planetary health through environmental protection and improvements to public health.

My internship primarily involved independent research and analysis of United Nations institutions, forums and programs, with respect to environmental NGO participation and their degree of influence on UN climate change-related activities and programs. Research findings will be published and disseminated both internally and externally, to inform future EarthMedic strategy.

Value of Experience

As mentioned, my ultimate goal is to work in climate change law and policy in an international context, and this experience has been wonderful in helping to conceptualize how all these complex, moving parts can fit together in new and exciting ways. I have gained an in-depth understanding of the UN and of its subsidiary organs, as well as the rules and procedures governing participation in activities within this significant international institution. Furthermore, I have the exciting opportunity to present my research at Yale’s Conference on Climate Change and Health in Small Island Developing States in October.

Best Moment/Experience

My favorite internship moment was definitely when my supervisor offered me an official position with EarthMedic – an associateship in appreciation of my hard work. It was so wonderful to have my efforts recognized, especially by an organization with which I share a common vision and passion for the future of the planet. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with EarthMedic throughout the coming year, first in Fall 2021 through HPM 556 (Advanced Health Policy Practicum), as well as throughout Spring 2022 for completion of my master’s thesis.

Funding Source

Yale School of Public Health Fund for Climate Change and Health.