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Aivy Duong - HCM, 5 year BA/MPH

Health Care Summer Associate at Deloitte Consulting, New York City

Career Goal

Aivy Duong with colleagues at the New York City offices of Deloitte.

I am excited to do health care consulting following graduation. Being in the Health Care Management program helped me discover the diversity of careers available in the health care sector. I am open-minded to whatever opportunities come my way that will help me promote health equity.

Internship Outline

As a Health Care Summer Associate at Deloitte Consulting, based in New York City, I worked on performance improvement with a health care provider in order to identify areas of opportunity for workflow improvement. The ultimate goal was to improve the standard of health care and have a smoother flow of health care operations.

Value of Experience

Prior to my internship, I had not considered a career in consulting. However, after thoroughly enjoying my internship and learning a lot of core professional skills, I realized that I could pursue a career in health care consulting. I'm grateful to be able to return to my firm with a full-time offer in order to continue health care consulting.

Best Moment/Experience

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to travel to my client site for a few weeks. Because of that, I had a great on-the-ground experience interviewing hospital leadership and assessing the workflows of various hospital departments. This provided me with a fantastic hybrid experience during which I was able to get a glimpse into the consulting lifestyle as well as learn more about health care systems.

Funding Source

Deloitte Consulting LLP