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Lisa Michaels (HCM)

Strategy & Operations Consultant in Healthcare Consulting at Deloitte, New York, New York

Career goal:

Healthcare Consulting

Internship outline:

Strategy & Operations Consultant in Healthcare Consulting at Deloitte. I worked with a large hospital system to transform their patient registration and scheduling system from a manual, legacy system to a cutting-edge, automation software.

Value of experience:

The opportunity to work with such a world-renowned company granted me great exposure to senior leadership and the many avenues within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. Through my own project in Long Island, I worked with a large hospital system. I had never been exposed to the Healthcare IT and Systems Engineering side of healthcare, so I was grateful for that opportunity. This summer I also created lasting relationships with the 50 other student interns in the New York office. I was able to gain insight about their current projects and experiences, which helped influence my own career track.

Best moment/experience:

Between my own project on the weekdays and the Deloitte Sponsored socials on Fridays, there were a myriad of amazing experiences I had this summer. But, the best experience was planning an event with two other interns. We created a firm initiative where Deloitte gave us the freedom and budget to engage others in the firm with a Lunch & Learn event. I communicated with many Partners and Managers at the firm as I gauged their interest in participating in the panel. Throughout this networking process I learned about each person’s niche within the firm and the many available offering portfolios. The success of the event was personally rewarding as we learned from leaders in the Healthcare industry.