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Kevin Zheng (Biostatistics)

Identifying metabolites that are associated with the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in HIV patients, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, The Bronx, NY
Googling something incredibly important in my office.

Career goal:

I would like to be a teacher and hope to ultimately do meaningful research at the intersection of music and medicine.

Internship outline:

I was a summer intern at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health. I worked closely with a few professors, running analyses on and putting together figures for a dataset of two well-established HIV cohorts (MACS and WIHS). I worked remotely for most of the internship and commuted from New Haven to the Bronx once a week to meet with the team in-person. Our goal was to identify metabolites associated with the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in HIV patients.

Value of experience:

It was a wonderful dive into the world of academia and research, and my first time doing significant remote work. Not only were the professors very helpful directing me in my research, but they also gave me some great insights into the life of an academic. I enrolled at the School of Public Health thinking I wanted to do work in industry, but my summer experience may have completely changed my mind.

Best moment/experience:

Lunchtime conversations with my boss and other researchers/professors and playing and talking about music at a lunchtime concert.