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Jing Jing (Biostatistics)

uniQure, Lexington, Massachusetts
Working at uniQure, Inc.

Career goal:

My career goal is to work for an international pharmaceutical company doing market access, policy development and advocacy around the impacts of big data and innovative treatments for epidemic diseases.

Internship outline:

I spent my summer at uniQure, Inc as a summer interim in the market access department. Throughout the summer I worked on the hemophilia B gene therapy project. First, I conducted primary market research in strategic areas including customer insights, competitive landscape and market dynamics. I consolidated internal knowledge on hemophilia B products’ clinical data, public information on the sales, formulary status and competitive development summary. Second, I presented the slide deck to key team members for future commercial planning. Third, I collaborated with Medical Affairs, Clinical Operation, Legal, Finance and other cross functional teams to enable smooth execution of market access projects. Finally, I synthesized primary and secondary data for global plus country team review, insight generation and action.

Value of experience:

This internship is invaluable for me because it taught me a lot and allowed me to complete a manageable market project that will benefit hemophilia B patients in a small way. I leveraged my learnings about clinical trials, statistics and epidemiology to best quantify the unmet needs in hemophilia B management. Furthermore, I learned the cutting edge technology of gene therapy and how it is being developed and going through the regulatory process. Besides that I learned how biotechnology companies operate by working with various functional teams and how to optimize the product value proposition to achieve pharmaceutical market access for the targeted patients. In this process, I gained new mentors and great friends that are my most precious fortune.

Best moment/experience:

My best experience would be working with my boss and hemophilia B gene therapy project team, whether one-to-one meetings with vice presidents to learn about various functional teams, global project meetings to know about the progress of projects, or understanding various clinical operations. The work environment in uniQure, Inc was very supportive and friendly. My supervisor and team members also cared about my personal and academic growth. They provided me with great opportunities to learn through my internship.