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Bethany Sanchez (EHS)

Shunyi, Beijing, China

Career goal:

I am planning to go to medical school and study family and community medicine. I hope to apply the global perspectives and skills I have learned at YSPH to my local community in my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Internship outline:

This is an independent study, where I prepared to carry out a case-cohort study examining the effects of PFAS on fetal growth. I spent much of my time in the lab training others to work on Dr. Pollitt's air quality study, and preparing materials, including wristbands used to monitor exposure to volatile organic compounds, for the Shunyi Birth Cohort study.

Value of experience:

I learned about working in low-resource settings, and solidified my resolve to get further training in the medical field.

Best moment/experience:

I enjoyed learning how to cook traditional Chinese dishes with my host family.