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Adam J. Moore (EMD)

Malaria Research, Dakar and Kédougou, Senegal
Me in front of the main entrance to Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD) in the capital city, Dakar, where I worked this summer.

Career goal:

Infectious Disease Researcher

Internship outline:

We collected blood samples from patients diagnosed with malaria for further lab experiments. The experiments in my project were focused on looking at how the parasite that causes malaria invades human red blood cells. There was a specific interaction between the parasite and the blood cell that can potentially be targeted by a vaccine. The goal of my project is to further assess if this interaction is a suitable target.

Best moment/experience:

The best part of my internship was definitely the team I was with. I was the only non-Senegalese member of the team. This naturally came with language and cultural barriers that we encountered very often. Despite the long days and nights and difficulties with equipment and supplies, encountering these interpersonal barriers always broke the tension and we had a lot of fun figuring out how to navigate them.

Funding source:

Wilbur Downs Fellowship