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Nicholaus Johnson - WELL Building Institute, NY, NY

Interning in New York City was an amazing experience. This is just one of the amazing views of the city that I had from our office this summer.

Career goal: My goal is to build a career focused on improving lived experiences in the built environment through the employment of building standards that promote environmental and health equity.

Internship outline: I spent this last summer at the International WELL Building Institute, where I worked on researching standards across international markets that are regionally equivalent to the standards we cite here at home.

Value of experience: I am really passionate about this work because I believe it is contributing to better health equity for more people in built environments around the world.

Best moment/experience: My most exciting and memorable experience from this summer was when I was able to share my work with our partners in international markets such as the UK. This experience was really rewarding because I was able to see how the work I was doing was helping IWBI to encourage the adoption of health promoting building standards around the world.