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Best Practices for Using Zoom

We recommend joining the meetings from a computer as there will be a video and audio component to each session. We also strongly recommend using headphone with a microphone to avoid feedback.

Please note that when joining from a computer, you will have the option to update your name which is displayed to all attendees. If you join via phone, your phone number will be displayed as your username.

During the presentations, we will be happy to (and count on) taking questions. To make this as interactive as possible, we do plan on calling on attendees to share their questions using both the microphone and video. If you would not like to be on camera, you can simply not set up your video camera when joining the meeting. If you would prefer to not ask in person, you are welcome to type questions into the chat feature and they will be shared by our moderator.

For your internet connection, wireless networks can lose signal and result in Zoom temporarily freezing. For a more stable connection, consider using a wired internet connection with an ethernet cable. This involves plugging an ethernet cable into your computer. In many cases an adapter may be required to connect.

We look forwarding to meeting you online soon!