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Virtual Open House Events

Spring 2022 - All times listed are EDT


Welcome and congratulations to all of our newly admitted MPH students on your acceptance. While we would have preferred the opportunity to welcome you to campus this spring, we hope that we will still be able to share valuable information and insights to help you learn more about YSPH, our community and the MPH program. A schedule of all of our events and session descriptions is listed below but please do note that we are in the process of finalizing the details for some events. All updates will be posted here. At YSPH we pride ourselves on being a collaborative and engaged community so the majority of our events will be live sessions. If you are unable to attend any live sessions, they will be recorded and posted here.

To help navigate the schedule, we will be hosting a variety of general events between March 21 and April 1. In addition, each department will be holding events with both faculty and students between March 24-April 1. For students exploring the Executive MPH program, please note that the program is hosting a separate Open House and details can be found here.

In addition to our live events, we encourage you to check out our virtual tour of campus.

Recordings of these events will be listed below this schedule as they become available.

General Event Schedule

The live general sessions can be accessed through this Zoom Meeting room.

Monday, March 21

12:00 PM: Alumni Panel
Join us for a panel of distinguished YSPH alumni to hear more about their experiences and Yale and their career paths since graduating. Participating alumni bios will be posted in the coming weeks.

5:00 PM: Global Health at YSPH and the Global Health Concentration
Here at Yale, we believe that Global Health and Public Health are one in the same. Join Professor Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Director of the Global Health Concentration and Office of Public Health Practice, Michael Skonieczny, Deputy Director for the Yale Institute for Global Health and Anjuli Bodyk, Assistant Director of the Global Health Concentration to learn more about global health research, courses and practical work.

6:00 PM: Welcome from YSPH Dean Sten Vermund
Join Sten Vermund, Dean of the Yale School of Public Health and Anna M.R. Lauder Professor of Public Health for an informal meet and greet. Dean Vermund will be sharing highlights and updates from YSPH and we invite prospective students to bring any questions.

Tuesday, March 22

12:00 PM: Financial Aid
Connect with Jen Farkas, Director of Financial Aid, to hear more about funding your MPH degree. Jen will talk about searching for external scholarship funding, working on campus and planning for loan repayment.

1:30 PM: Maternal and Child Health Track
The Yale School of Public Health is thrilled to be launching a new track in Maternal and Child Health. Professor Rafael Perez-Escamilla will be going into more detail about the track formation, courses and requirements.

5:00 PM: Public Health Practice
Here at the Yale School of Public Health, we believe in fostering sustainable and equitable collaborations between students, faculty and community partners and the Office of Public Health Practice serves as the nexus for practice-based learning and public health workforce education at YSPH. Executive Director Susan Nappi will be sharing more on opportunities for students to gain practical experience throughout the MPH program. Susan will be joined by Jason Martinez, Vice President of Community Impact, United Way of Greater Waterbury, who will be on hand to describe our partnership and how students have engaged in practice with UWGW.

Wednesday, March 23

12:00 PM: Career Management
Engage with Felicia Spencer and Kelly Shay from the Career Management Center around the support their team provides to MPH students. Felicia and Kelly will discuss career advising, the professional skills series and the job search process.

1:30 PM: Health Justice Concentration
The newly launched US Health Justice Concentration prepares students from any YSPH department to analyze and address systems and processes that perpetuate health injustice in the United States. Professor Danya Keene, Program Director will be joining us to share more about the program and curriculum.

Thursday, March 24

1:30 PM: Climate Change and Health Concentration
Virtually meet a panel of current MPH students and learn about their experiences here at YSPH. Students will cover topics such as students groups and involvement, living in New Haven, their experiences with both research and applied practice, internships, engaging with faculty and much more. We encourage attendees to engage with our MPH students and ask any and all questions about their experiences here at Yale.

Friday, March 25

12:00 PM: Public Health Modeling Concentration
Because we believe that modeling offers a useful lens through which to understand and improve the public health, we encourage our students to broaden their public health education in various departments with the perspectives and experiences the Public Health Modeling Concentration offers. David Paltiel, Director of the concentration will be sharing more about the structure and learning outcomes available to MPH students within the concentration.

1:00 PM: Regulatory Affairs Track
Another valuable option for MPH students at YSPH is the Regulatory Affairs Track. The track is necessarily multi-disciplinary, to reflect the full array of issues that one may face in regulatory affairs science, including complex issues involving food and drug law, ethics, clinical trials, epidemiology, risk analysis and leadership. Robert Makuch, Director, will be sharing more about the format and opportunities within the track.

Monday, March 28

1:00 PM: Diversity & Inclusion at YSPH
Across the YSPH community, the dean, faculty, staff and the alumni have adopted mentorship, recruitment, retention and professional development practices to help meet our goal of having an outstanding and diverse School of Public Health—a place that better reflects the local, national and international communities we study. Diversity - Join Dr. Mayur Desai, the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and a group of our students for a conversation about our commitment to diversity and inclusion at YSPH.

Tuesday, March 29

1:00 PM: Student Internships:
A critical element of the MPH program is the summer internship, exposing students to real-world challenges and the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class. Four current students will be with us to share their experiences in finding an internship, the value of the experience and how their internships helped to shape their degrees and career plans.

Wednesday, March 30

12:00 PM: Student Panel
Virtually meet a panel of current MPH students and learn about their experiences here at YSPH. Students will cover topics such as student groups and involvement, living in New Haven, their experiences with both research and applied practice, internships, engaging with faculty and much more. We encourage attendees to engage with our MPH students and ask any and all questions about their experiences here at Yale.

1:30 PM Life in New Haven
Learn about living in the great city of New Haven. Dean Frank Grosso will cover graduate student resources for teaching and learning; safety, health and wellness; sports, recreation and campus involvement; living on and off campus and much more.

Thursday, March 31

12:00 PM: Research for MPH students:
Outside of course and academic requirements, many students choose to pursue research here at Yale and there is no shortage of research roles available. From working in centers and programs to with individual faculty labs or on independent projects, opportunities exist across not just YSPH but throughout all of Yale University. A group of our current students will be joining us to share more about their experiences finding research opportunities and conducting research on campus.

Departmental and Program Overviews

Departmental faculty events will cover curriculum, research and resources within each of YSPH's academic departments. Hosted by department chairs and faculty members in each department, these sessions should answer a variety of questions related to course offerings, program structure, faculty advising and the master’s thesis or capstone.

Student Chat Sessions

While we can share a wealth of information about the school and our resources, we recognize that the experience of students currently in the program is extremely valuable in understanding what your experience may be like. These student-run sessions will provide an opportunity to ask any questions of our current students.